To effectively support a business continuity plan for critical or sensitive activities, it is important to rely on an alternative communication network that is efficient, reliable, and available in case of emergency, but also secure.

Traditional solutions based on wireless networks are exposed to threats inherent to mobile networks such as interception of communications, disclosure of usage information or denial of service.

An equally necessary element is the resilience of the connectivity and its ability to provide the widest possible service coverage while enjoying the best quality of service available at a given bridge.

The solution is based on a trusted mobile carrier that not only protects calls, texts and data transmissions, but also secures critical information accessible from signaling networks and attacks on mobile networks.

Main advantages and benefits of the Dust Mobile solution:

Robust end-to-end data protection – Dust Mobile is a “secure by design” carrier that provides end-to-end communication security through encryption, strong authentication and rights management, supported by proprietary mechanisms held at the SIM card and cellular network level.

Usage Protection – High-grade protections against mobile cyber threats and attacks inherent to cellular networks, such as identity theft, disclosure of user information, interception of communications or denial of service.

Global and Resilient Network Coverage – Carrier-class 2G / 3G / 4G Lte / 5G connectivity in 203 countries and territories with access to at least two cellular networks per country where possible, allowing you to benefit from the best network available at all times.

Optimised network performance – Taking advantage of the qualities of a true private network – the worldwide GRX-IPX network used by Dust Mobile is reserved for telecom operators – the Dust Mobile solution offers lower latency and higher availability, regardless of the country visited, compared to standard roaming connectivity.

Enhanced Experience – Getting connectivity wherever possible by automatically or manually switching to the best cellular connectivity available among Dust Mobile’s 580 cellular network partners (MNO) worldwide, and always with the same level of security.

Fast and easy to implement – Requiring no complex software installation or updates, the Dust Mobile solution is agile and adapts to any size of organization. The solution can be integrated and controlled to build a secure private network between a fleet of Dust Mobile SIM cards and the customer information systems.

Real-time supervision and control – an administrator can monitor the Dust Mobile SIM fleet in real time (activity, usage, security and signaling, except for content that is protected) and can remotely control all security, connectivity and signaling functions. In addition, alerts, security profiles and filters can be deployed at the level of each SIM card.

Highly competitive business model – two approaches based on customer needs, but which include by default all the security offered by the Dust Mobile solution after the purchase of a Dust Mobile sim card.

“Pay-as-you-go”, billing is based on usage only with the price of communications and data exchanged at extremely competitive international rates.

“All-in Plan”, a monthly plan that includes a volume of communications and data exchanges, then a metered rate beyond that.