Industry 4.0 – the ability of machines, devices, sensors and people to connect and interact with each other – is leading to a massive increase in the volume of sensitive data being transmitted. This increased exposure of industrial processes to the risk of cyber attacks requires increased security for data exchanges and remote access, among other things.

Main advantages of the Dust Mobile solution :

Robust end-to-end protection of data exchanges against threats and attacks intrinsic to cellular networks, such as identity theft, disclosure of user information, interception of communications or denial of service.

Global and resilient network coverage with carrier-class 2G / 3G / 4G Lte / 5G cellular connectivity in 208 countries and territories with at least two networks per country (excluding monopoly countries) providing the best network available at all times.

Fast and easy to implement cat requires no specific infrastructure or complex software to install or maintain, the Dust Mobile solution adapts to any operational concept.

Real-time supervision and control of SIM cards (activity, usage, security and signaling) allows remote control of the cellular environment, all security and signaling functions. In addition, alerts and filters can be deployed at the level of each SIM card.