Crisis Management and ad-hoc com’s


In the world of sensitive activities and critical missions, a crisis can strike without warning at any time. Authorities and management must develop sound strategies and deploy reliable solutions to respond quickly to crises that may arise, so that their organization can continue to operate in a secure environment and maintain optimal operational conditions.

Crises can take many different forms, but they all share the need to maintain secure communications alternatives that enable the execution of a crisis management strategy tailored to the needs of rapidly evolving situations.

Dust Mobile supports continuity initiatives by providing :

– strengthening resilience and countering vulnerabilities
– Risk-free testing of continuity plans
– Quickly form an integrated crisis management team
– Overcoming traditional barriers and deploying ad hoc connectivity
– Adapting plans to many unknowns
– Relying on an external framework of trust not targeted by the crisis


Dust World – Pay-as-you-go
Dust World IoT – Pay-as-you-go
Dust Wide – All-in Plan

with a mobile broadband router or modem, a connected laptop, a Smartphone, a 4G Tablet and connected sensors.

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