Critical infrastructure and secure “pop-up” network


Businesses, government agencies, organizations and emergency services must be able to quickly and easily deploy secure and reliable connectivity between sites and their operating infrastructures. Often, these temporary or remote sites do not provide a reliable telecommunication infrastructure that can be made available quickly on demand without significant setup costs and lead time to deliver.

Dust Mobile contributes to the resilience of remote sites in the event of a failure of permanent telecommunications resources to enable continuity of operations and capacity to keep control of a remote infrastructure in the event of severe cyber attack.

Critical infrastructure management and security managers want dedicated, private and secure communication resources to maintain remote control of their critical equipments without depending on the availability and security of WAN links.

Dust Mobile enables a reliable and protected out-of-band network and distant connectivity to be deployed anywhere in the world in just a few minutes, to meet the needs of users without constraints and benefitting from embedded security whatever the operational needs and usage concepts.


Dust World IoT – Pay-as-you-go

with an advanced mobile broadband router

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