Manufacturing, Industrial & Automation

an increasing cyber-target

Often listed in the top 5 sectors most targeted by cyber attacks because the digital transformation of production processes creates security loopholes. Industry 4.0, with the multiplication of interconnected remote sensors increases the risk of hacking which can have a major impact on system availability, production reliability, operations and employee security.
Targeted attacks on Industrial Control Systems (ICS) are now generating significant threats to each country’s strategic national infrastructure.

main use cases

– Research and development in companies is a source of covetousness that requires the preservation of inventions and the protection of sensitive data exchanges.
– Collection and analysis of critical data on remote sites (IIOT, M2M)
– Management teams of large industrial groups wishing to communicate with their employees, customers and partners in complete confidentiality
– Willingness to access information systems in remote branches, regardless of the availability and deployment of a dedicated communication infrastructure.
– Temporary implementation of an ad hoc network for a new establishment or project
– Business continuity in the event of a major crisis