Resilient and improved mobile connectivity


Companies and organizations expect a mobile carrier to provide continuity of service to support their operations whatever the conditions. This is based on
– the geographical coverage
– the availability and persistence of the communication service on the move
– the quality of connectivity over time
– the capacity to absorb the traffic in a given place

The major operators demonstrate an excellent level of performance, but this is not always consistent across the entire scope of activities of an organization or company, especially if these same activities cover several countries and territories.

With generally more than one cellular network per country (except monopoly countries), the Dust Mobile solution offers an optimized quality of service with a switch to the best connectivity offered by the 580 network partners available worldwide, automatically or manually, locally or remotely, at the user’s choice.


Dust World IoT – Pay-as-you-go

with a 4G USB Key, a smartphone, a tablet, a connected laptop, a mobile broadband router, connected objects and M2M devices

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