Secure networking connected objects – IoT / IIoT / IoP


It is essential to ensure end-to-end security for connected objects. Businesses and organizations deploying IoT, IIoT, IoP in mission-critical environments are looking to integrate enhanced security to ensure secure and reliable solutions that all stakeholders can rely on, with the smallest possible attack surface, along with real-time security monitoring capability. They need to build trust, take steps to protect critical data, and respond to new requirements with a unified and collaborative approach.

The diversity of connected devices requires a flexible security framework and a trusted partner capable of supporting the industry worldwide with a consistent level of service and connectivity.

Dust Mobile, as trusted operator, offers this secure, resilient and reliable solution and supports enterprises and manufacturers implementing an appropriate security framework that meets these requirements.


Dust World IoT – Pay-as-you-go

with mobile broadband modem and GSMA compliant device

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