Dust World

Secure, resilient and flexible cellular connectivity to support your critical missions and business continuity

● Mobile 2G, 3G, 4G Lte and soon 5G cellular carrier-grade connectivity services worldwide.

● Protection against cyber attacks and signaling threats surface, global transmissions and SIM cards vulnerabilities for reliable and secure end-to-end communications.

Available in 2 versions :
Dust World for voice, sms text and data services
Dust World IoT for data services

● A simple and flexible “Pay-as-you-Go” charging principle. No subscription, only voice and data consumption is invoiced monthly (post-paid) after the purchase of the Dust World SIM card. In addition, competitive international rates offer the potential for substantial savings in customers’ operating costs.

● Dust Mobile technology and services enhance user connectivity and experience with proprietary OnSIM® technology. The Dust World SIM card automatically switches to the best available mobile network among the 580 cellular networks partner hosts. At any time, the user can force the selection of a 2G, 3G, 4G Lte, 5G* cellular network of his choice. A minimum of two cellular networks are generally available in each country.

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Available for enterprises and professionals only.
(export to some countries is restricted. please contact us for more information)

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