Financial Institutions & Insurance


texte d’introduction

main use cases

– Executives requiring instant and secure communications with no application or operational constraints
– An employee working remotely for a secure access to the company’s resources
– Setting up temporary ad hoc or permanent secure networks when facing lack of wireline infrastructure
– Extension of the company’s private network to remote connected equipment (sensors, DAB)
– Management teams wishing to communicate with their staff and partners mitigating interception and cyber-attack risks.
– Business continuity in the event of a major crisis

defense & security



main use cases

– Secure communications between manufacturers and both authorities and armed forces
– Remote maintenance and remote assistance for equipment and solutions in opex
– Rapid implementation of a secure network in support of industrial teams in operation
– Creation of temporary communication networks between different industrial players and subcontractors in the context of sensitive projects
– Preventive maintenance and service control of equipment deployed around the world
– Management and executive teams wishing to communicate with their staff, employees and partners in full confidentiality
– Business continuity in the event of a major crisis

Government, Public Sector & Agencies

retain sovereignty over mobile communications

The use of mobile communication over public networks is part of the daily life of state authorities, public administration and sovereign functions. All these elements represent cyber targets whose confidentiality and privacy must be adequately protected when deemed necessary. The solution must meet the requirements of ease of use and enable the eventual use of any sovereign application. Dust Mobile is the simple and transparent complement to ensure protection against threats intrinsic to mobile networks.

main use cases

– Elected officials, senior government officials, politicians, exposed individuals and protection officers want to communicate securely with their peers, staff and partners.
– Official or diplomatic representative on duty wishing to communicate without risk of interception or denial of service
– Rapid implementation of a secure network in external operations or as part of a mission abroad
– Emergency service wishing to obtain maximum coverage in a territory for efficient remote assistance

Manufacturing, Industrial & Automation

an increasing cyber-target

Often listed in the top 5 sectors most targeted by cyber attacks because the digital transformation of production processes creates security loopholes. Industry 4.0, with the multiplication of interconnected remote sensors increases the risk of hacking which can have a major impact on system availability, production reliability, operations and employee security.
Targeted attacks on Industrial Control Systems (ICS) are now generating significant threats to each country’s strategic national infrastructure.

main use cases

– Research and development in companies is a source of covetousness that requires the preservation of inventions and the protection of sensitive data exchanges.
– Collection and analysis of critical data on remote sites (IIOT, M2M)
– Management teams of large industrial groups wishing to communicate with their employees, customers and partners in complete confidentiality
– Willingness to access information systems in remote branches, regardless of the availability and deployment of a dedicated communication infrastructure.
– Temporary implementation of an ad hoc network for a new establishment or project
– Business continuity in the event of a major crisis

Medical, Healthcare & Biopharmaceutical

Sensitive by nature

The sensitive nature of the data resulting from laboratory research or collected in clinical trials, combined with an exacerbated competition, explains the imperative need to protect all communication between the competent actors.

For their part, the production centers of the pharmaceutical industry are in the midst of a digitalization phase. They are increasingly using connected objects and remote control of machines to automate manufacturing processes with units often deployed on several sites around the world.

Tele-medicine and remote medical services such as consultations, examinations, advice and assistance are developing rapidly and rely on high-quality, resilient but also mainly on the capacity to secure mobile connectivity.

Main Use Cases

– Medical research laboratories concerned about preserving their inventions and wishing to protect sensitive communications.
– Industrial companies that collect and analyze sensitive data during the production flow (IIOT, M2M)
– Manufacturers of hospital and laboratory equipment that provides important information on the use and maintenance of heavy equipment to provide better service to users and reduce maintenance costs.
– Healthcare centers located all over the country that need to connect remotely to medical experts for tele-consultations
– Management teams of large pharmaceutical groups wishing to communicate with their experts, employees and partners in complete confidentiality
– Continuity of operations in the event of a major crisis
– deployment of operational medical capabilities internationally