Dust Mobile offers secure and resilient mobile communications locally and worldwide to protect privacy, mission critical transmissions and out-of-band network connectivity.

Global Coverage
Segmented Secure Communications
Mobile Threats Protection
Device Agnostic
Resilient Connectivity

built in
Security & Resilience

Cutting-edge mobile cyber defense

Dust Mobile is next generation mobile carrier designed to support you and your organization worldwide meeting the new requirements for privacy, operational readiness and mobile communications protection against cyber threats and cellular network malicious attacks.

You benefit from an end-to-end secured mobile connectivity across 203 countries and territories supported by 580 cellular network partners, and delivering carrier-grade voice call, sms and data services.

Device agnostic – smartphone, tablet, laptop, router, fail-over gateway, sensor, Tracker, IoT, IIoT and M2M – you run any proprietary application seamlessly, transparently, but securely.

Nomad & Remote Working
Pop-up & Fail-Over Networks
IoT & IIoT

Uncovered threats surface

detecting and Countering cyber attacks intrinsic to mobile networks

Dust Mobile is leading a cyber defense evolution with disruptive OnSIM proprietary technology to secure end-to-end mobile transmissions while facing fast growing uncovered threat surface attacks allowing interception, impersonation, position tracking, denial of service and other sneaky intrinsic vulnerabilities in 2G, 3G, 4G lte and 5G mobile networks standards such as Signaling (SS7, SIGTRAN, Diamater, GTP), SIM (OTA, OMA, SMDP+, STK), Cellular and core networks MitM.

Turn your operations in secure by design practical model to protect your day-to-day mission, insure your operational readiness, isolate key assets and defend sensitive informations from attacks undetectable to mobile networks users.

User Information Disclosure
communication Traffic Interception
Fraud & Impersonation
User Position tracking
Denial of Service

avoid & mitigate cyber-risks

integrated malicious attacks detection and advanced protection

Dust Mobile service includes security-driven mobile networking and consolidate leading security capabilities such as intrusion prevention and automated threat protection enabling organizations to reduce complexity and manage mobile fleet security risks.

Priority is given to protecting critical business operations with an integrated set of services to thwart mobile advanced threats thanks to the implementation of advanced intelligence to detect, prevent, block and respond to sophisticated malicious applications attacks and exploitable network vulnerabilities.

Intrusion Prevention System
Anti-Virus Spam Bots Ransomware
Application control
zero-Day Protection
network & web filtering

Bridge the Human factor

Transparent for the user but secure, simple to operate and manage

We recognize that a given mobile security service could ultimately be misused, regardless of the usefulness of its original intent and the sensitivity of users to cyber-risks. At Dust Mobile, we meet the challenge by making usability, simplicity and accessibility top priorities without compromising security.

Since there is no single solution that fits all your business concepts, you benefit from an innovative solution to protect people, assets, communications and devices by segmenting group or individual usage rules with ad hoc security profiles, real-time monitoring and live deployable governance, preventing threats to the entire organization.

Segmented Network Control
SIM Access & usage Rules
Multiple security profiles
cellular Connectivity control
Real time remote SIM management


supporting where your mission takes you

Dust Mobile operates under a zero trust model, covering 203 countries and territories where the user benefits from seamless communication protection and carrier-grade service based on 580 cellular network partners around the globe.

Sensitive data such as location, personal information, correspondents and network activities are kept confidential. The necessary service informations are securely stored in full compliance with current EU regulations (GDPR) without sharing any information with third parties, unless required by legal authorities.

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2G.3G.4G.5G Carrier Grade
203 countries Territories
private network (GRX-IPX)
resilient cellular connectivity
adaptive cellular registration

Remote Hands & Eyes

Maintaining operational capability is critical to mission success.

A one stop solution to monitor, command and control Dust Mobile SIMs and their cellular network environment so that exposed staff can focus on their missions while support teams remotely ensure the security and resilience of critical communications.

The Selfcare provides real-time visibility into communications security, cellular environment, network signaling and threats.

Dust Mobile Selfcare also support the deployment and management of the SIM fleet and associated mobile services such as usage & plan allocation, secure voice mail, call redirection, number provisioning or reassignment, data routing.

cellular connectivity & Usages monitoring
Mobile Signaling & SIM control
Cyber Attack detection & communications Security
SIM Fleet & profile management
remote SIM configuration & counter measures


Multiple Use-Cases to serve privacy, sovereignty & mission critical

As a global cyber defense carrier, Dust Mobile reduces the attack surfaces of cellular networks and protects critical communications for many use cases that have in common the imperative need for service continuity, data protection and improved efficiency.

Dust Mobile offers an agile solution that adapts to your concepts of operations, remains independent from the equipment used and is transparent for any application.

Matching Business needs

adaptive to fit with your operating model and priorities

Private companies and public organizations no longer consider that defending their own perimeter is the only effective strategy against cyber threats.

Enlarging the perimeter under control to locate and isolate threats through microsegmentation becomes a way to limit the impact of any breach. This is particularly true with regard to mobile communications, which are becoming so widespread that their use is becoming essential, while representing a significant surface of attack in terms of risk and scale.

Dust Mobile complies with the different expectations of companies and organizations in order to meet their specific operational needs while maintaining the required levels of security and resilience.